Apples to Oranges: The Final Comparison

Apples to Oranges: The Final Comparison

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Ok i simply love this one I did for  I actually started it over a year ago and just came back around to finish it up recently.  It’s rare i get the chance to be humorous with this stuff.. so here is my take on the classic non-comparison.

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Click the image below to get to the full graphic.

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  1. anita, March 15, 2011:

    wonderful! the death and taxes poster brought me here. i have to have it! fabulous artistry and as a data analyst i truly appreciate what you’ve done and are doing.

    now for the bad news. you have a misspelling of sorts on your apples to oranges poster… if you cannot figure it out (a very common and irritating error found everywhere!), write me!

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