Client work: HEAT: A Visual Tour

Client work: HEAT: A Visual Tour

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So this one took me  a month to do… mostly because I couldn’t work very often due to the new baby!  But I really like this one, its fun.  Basically it a huge ordered list of temperatures.  Sometimes it just helps to see everything all in one go, to add some perspective.  Also there are cool factoids and such scattered about.  To support my work please digg it and tweet it or otherwise spread the good word!  Thanks y’all.

Heat a Visual Tour

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  1. Bob, March 11, 2010:

    theorhtically = theoretically

  2. giup, March 12, 2010:

    the sun’s core is 24% of it’s radius = its radius

  3. Greg, March 12, 2010:

    °K = K (i.e., it’s “kelvins”, not “degrees kelvin”)

  4. Phil, March 18, 2010:

    Beautiful and interesting work. On the proofreading jag… you left off the “-” on the F version of the coldest temp produced in a lab. There’s a big difference between 459 and -459.

  5. Anselm, March 23, 2010:

    Hey Jess, nice work! Since I saw some corrections people were posting I thought I’d mention this minor one: “plasma in the Tokamak…” begins in lowercase, while all the other facts begin uppercase. Also, there is an inconsistent use periods, so facts have them, some don’t.

  6. Leif Brecke, June 17, 2010:

    Thank you for the excellent visual reference. If you do an update, I recommend adding the tardigrades (water bears) which have withstood temperatures as high as 151°C (303°F) and as low as -273°C (-460°F).

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