The Rise of Minecraft (Now and Infographic!)

The Rise of Minecraft (Now and Infographic!)

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I simply love this infographic I produced with, it was a blast to work on.  Mojang was nice enough to provide us with some sales data and the rest was all joydom as I am a minecraft fan myself.  Wish I had more time to play! Also thanks to Drew Skau, our resident minecraft expert.

Hope you enjoy.  Graphic is here, also embedded below.

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  1. Julie, January 22, 2012:

    This game is absolutely terrible. I gave it a try because I liked the concept but I realized how absolutely horrible the implementation of the concept actually is. I have no idea how this game has such a huge following. Apparently ALOT of people have absolutely no creative outlet (including the GS reviewer) and this is their fix…OH THE HUMANITY!!!

  2. the rest of us, February 11, 2012:

    Poor Julie… you just don’t get it. Maybe you should try lego.

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